Preparation Phase

Annex 70  was approved to enter into the Preparation phase by the Executive Committee in November 2015.

In preparation for the main working phase, in 2016 the project was initiating engagement with stakeholders of existing and prospective data users from government, academia, industry and the IEA Secretariat. The first part of the work is concentrating on defining and identifying energy and buildings stock data users who are relevant to the collection, creation, access and use of energy and buildings stock data. An appropriate survey instrument is being developed and administered to these groups.

The aims for this part of the project were to:

  • identity data user needs and how best to meet them, and
  • share experiences and promote best practice
  • develop a set of propose deliverables
  • build a collaboration network



  • The 1st preparation phase meeting was held at the IEA in Paris, France, in May 2016
  • The 2nd preparation phase meeting was held in Shanghai, P.R. China, in September 2016


Development Phase

The annex text was developed over a 14 month period since the concept was first proposed in November 2014 and has benefitted from the results of an international online survey and an international workshop held in the UK on 1-2 October.

For details on these activities, see:



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