Below are the monthly email updates sent to all Annex 70 list members.

April, May, June 2017 Update

News and updates:

Over the past few months since our last newsletter, Annex 70 members have been busy working away on the different activities within the Subtasks (more below).  During this time, we have made several presentations on Annex 70, including the World Sustainable Energy Days in Wels.

Also, we have updated the Annex 70 website and I encourage everybody to have a look at the new layout.  This site is where we will begin to post content and relevant activity outputs.

Annex Operation – A brief update on the Subtasks:

Subtask A:

  • The literature review is underway with participants reviewing reports and papers related to better understanding energy and building data uses and needs from stakeholders. The review is being used to develop the main themes and questions of the pilot survey that will be sent out to characterize these issues among the Annex 70 network and more widely.  The draft review and questions will be presented at the next Annex 70 meeting.

Subtask B:

  • A draft energy and building stock data specification is being drafted by the working group and is being circulated for review.  The draft specification will be presented at the next Annex 70 meeting among the partners.  In addition, partners have been requested to identify relevant energy and building stock datasets for inclusion in the classification and register.

Subtask C:

  • The working group have composed and are reviewing a draft structure for the survey on existing models. This draft will shortly be distributed to the participants so they can see if they can easily input all the information they want for their model.

    An invitation was sent out to participants to send in their thoughts on what they would like to see as practical outcomes of the common exercise. The ‘wish lists’ will be discussed at the next Annex 70 meeting. New submissions are still welcome!

Going Forward:

We are just about a month and half away from the second annual Annex 70 workshop, which will held in Berkeley, California.

When: 09:00 to 17:00, 10-11 August 2017
Where: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley California
What: Workshop will offer ongoing collaboration and presentation opportunities for active Annex 70 participants.

Final notes:

As ever, please feel free to forward this email to anyone wanting to sign up here.


January, February and March 2017

News and updates:

Annex 70 held its inaugural Operating Phase meeting in London on 21 February 2017.  We had 30 attendees from 12 organizations join the meeting to discuss the working collaborations of the three Subtasks.  The event included presentations from each Subtask lead and 20 lightning presentations on partner research.

Energy epidemiology was included as a research priority area within a British Council led workshop ‘Bilateral Cooperation between Mexico and the United Kingdom in Energy Sustainability‘.

We have had another two groups sign up to Annex 70.  The International Energy Research Centre in Cork, Ireland has joined the Annex as partners and will bring energy and building stock expertise on data and models, along with their excellent industry connections.  In addition, the California Centre for Sustainable Communities at UCLA have agreed to join the Annex – they bring their expertise in developing the LA County Energy Atlas, which has brought together energy meter and building data for LA County.

The IEA EBC Annual Report was published, including a progress overview of Annex 70 and all the Annexes within the EBC, which you can access here.

Annex Operation:

Here is a brief outline of the next steps over the coming quarter for each subtask.

Subtask A will:

  • Identify relevant energy and building data stakeholder groups
  • Reviewing existing information on stakeholder perceptions for key data issues
  • Developing a pilot survey to gather information on the key issues

Subtask B will:

  • Begin identifying relevant energy and building data
  • Begin the development of the data description matrix

Subtask C will:

  • Begin identifying relevant energy and building stock models
  • Begin the development of the model description matrix
  • Outline the types of common exercises

Upcoming events:

I am also please to announce that our next Annex 70 meeting will be hosted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on 10-11 August 2017 at the LBL campus in Berkeley, California.  Further details will be made available soon.

Other items:

The Annex 70 website has been updated to include a revised agreed version of the Annex 70 text and partners.  There has been a revision of the front page, and we will introduce more Logos of Annex 70 partners and Annex 70 supporters.


October, November & December 2016

News and updates:

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that the IEA Energy in Buildings and Communities has approved Annex 70 – Building Energy Epidemiology: Analysis of real building energy use at scale to enter the operation phase.

I would like to thank all the contributors that worked hard to successfully launch Annex 70 by participating and contributing their time and resources. We are very much looking forward to collaborating during Operation phase.

Annex Operation:

Within this space we will provide updates on the different Subtasks (A – Engagement; B – Data; C – Models) and their progress, along with links to relevant outputs.

In the first instance, as the Annex has just entered the Operation phase, I will report that in advance of the London meeting, each Subtask Lead will be working on a 12-month programme of the Activity contributions.

Upcoming events:

We will be holding the first bi-annual Annex 70 workshop in London in late February 2017 that will focus on implementing the work programme for the Annex. Details will be sent on this early in the new year.


As and when relevant we will post links to relevant job postings here.

  • University of Ghent is looking for a researcher in energy and buildings (speaking Dutch is an asset); details here.
  • PhD studentship on Reducing the Energy Performance Gap in Housing
    Oxford Brookes University – Low Carbon Building Research Group, School of Architecture; details here.

Going Forward:

In January 2017 we will update the Annex 70 website so that we can better communicate the ongoings of the Annex and provide a forum for contributors to present their work.


August and September 2016

News and updates:

Through August and September we gave a number of presentations on the Annex including to Annex 66, to the Joint Research Council in Ispra, Italy, and to the C40 group for their Data Driven Building Energy Efficiency Drivers workshop in New York City.

In Australia, Dr Daniel Daly from Wollongong gave a presentation on ‘Energy epidemiology in the existing Australia housing stock’ (slides here) at the International Symposium for Next Generation Infrastructure, Wollongong, 1-2 September 2016.

We also held an Annex workshop in Shanghai, China on 8 September with participants joining in person and phone to discuss the outputs of the Annex.  Subsequent workshops will be arranged leading up to the November ExCo among the participants.

Annex Preparation:

Following the Shanghai workshop and efforts by the participating institutions over the summer, we have a revised Annex Text that has further developed the outputs that we propose to produce under the Annex. These are focused on practical tools, guides and reports for researchers, government and decision-makers within the energy and buildings stock area.  It is our intention to share the text on our website following the ExCo meeting in November.  However, if you would like a draft, please let me know and I would be happy to send it along.

Also, over this coming month, all the participants will be finalizing their resource commitments in advance of the next EBC Executive Committee meeting in November.

Going Forward:

We are working on a timeline for the Annex 70 meetings for the coming year.  We are proposing to hold an inaugural workshop in London in mid-February and a second annual in early August coinciding with the Building Simulation 2017 conference in San Fransisco.  An update on these dates will be provided in November.


June & July 2016

News and updates:

On 9-10 June  the IEA EBC Executive Committee held its summer meeting and Annex 70 presented the outcomes of the Paris workshop and the updated text.  The ExCo raised several requests to focus on outputs and for participants to get in touch with their country delegate on their participation which we are addressing.

Annex Preparation:

In mid-July I sent out an email to all active participants to assist in clarifying their contributions, helping to review and prioritise outputs and prepare a short background statement.  If you did not receive that email and you are an Active Participant, please let me know.

Over the next month, leading up to the start of September, the Annex 70 team will work to finalise the Proposal Text and the outputs.  The aim is to produce outputs that are relevant to researchers, industry and government.

Going Forward:

I will provide an update to everyone on the latest text in early September along with a meeting schedule for the coming year.

We currently have an Active Participant group of over 20 organizations, but we are still welcoming new participants.  So, please do forward to those who would be interested in this work.

Final notes:

Please note that we have two email lists.  The first is a general update to all Interested Parties on the progress and outputs of the Annex, the second is for Active Participants (sent in mid-July).  If you did not receive the mid-July email and you are an Active Participant, please let me know.


April & May 2016

New and updates:

In April, several Annex 70 events and presentations were held. On 12 April, a presentation on the Annex was made to an Energy and Environmental Performance in Buildings workshop in Santiago, Chile. Also, several meetings were held with interested parties in Chicago, USA including the University of Chicago, City of Chicago and Elevate Energy. We are optimistic that additional partners from Chile and the US will join.

In May, we held the first Annex 70 workshop at the IEA headquarters in Paris on 9 May. The workshop was well attended by participants from within Europe, and several representing partners from further abroad (New Zealand and China). The workshop provided the opportunity for partners to meet and discuss the proposed activities in advance of the upcoming Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) Executive Committee meeting in Oslo this June.

Annex Preparation:

During the workshop, the Annex text, subtasks and activities were discussed and are currently being refined. Our Subtask leads will be working on the text over the next month based on feedback from the workshop and the Executive Committee.

The subtask lead are: Subtask A – Ian Hamilton, UCL; Subtask B – York Ostermeyer, Chalmers University; Subtask C – Jelle Laverge, University of Ghent. If you are interested in contributing or acting as a co-lead to one of the Subtasks, please do let me know.


March 2016

News and updates:

With support from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the US and the Secretría Energía in Mexico, UCL Energy held an event in Mexico City on ‘Smart Energy Data & Innovation‘, which acted as a forum for discussion on the role of energy demand data in research and innovation, as part of the Mexico-UK energy week.

Annex Preparation:

We have been receiving input from active participants and continue to develop the Annex document, more will come over the next few weeks and we will be getting prepared to present the draft at the EBC Executive Committee meeting in June.

Going forward:

We are holding a Workshop at the IEA in Paris on Monday 9 May 2016 for all Active and Prospective Participants.  We would welcome your participation.


If you have not been contacted by Ian Hamilton in the last two months as an Active Participant requesting input into the Annex and were expecting to be, can you please email us. If you have any questions regarding the Annex, please contact Ian ( and Jenny ( you are not on the Annex 70 mailing list then do sign up to the newsletter.


February 2016

News and updates:

With support from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the US, UCL have continued engagement with prospective Annex partners and interested parties in the USA.  In mid-February, Prof. Ruyssevelt had positive meetings with MIT and, along with myself, with the US DOE to present the Annex and to identify the potential level of interest in participation.

Annex Preparation:

We continue to have individual meetings with interested participants to develop the work programmes that will be a part of the Annex Subtasks.  At the moment, this comprises seeking input from the participants regarding their individual contributions to the Subtask activities.  The intention is to have clearly defined ‘sub-activities’ within each Activity that will be coordinated by the Subtask leads.

For those who we have not yet been in touch with, we will be very soon (though please contact us sooner if you are ready).

Going forward:

UCL, with FCO funding and support from the Secretaría de Energía, will hold an Energy Epidemiology and Annex 70 event in Mexico City, entitled ‘Smart Energy Data & Innovation’.

UCL is also progressing the workshop and visit to Chile with support from the Santandar Catalyst Fund during the week of 11 April 2016 to engage with government agencies and academic institutions regarding potential interest and processes for participation in the Annex.


January 2016

News and updates:

Paul Ruyssevelt has recently returned from visits across the Asia-Pacific region and has met with a number of groups who expressed interest in Annex 70.  We have also been in contact with several groups in Canada and the US.

Dr. Jenny Love has joined the UCL team working on the Annex.  Jenny comes to us with a strong background in socio-technical analysis of energy demand in buildings and will be working on research related to the Annex.  From now on we will ask you to copy Jenny in correspondence:

Annex 70 development – Next steps

To date, we have been in contact with (and have been contacted by) several groups regarding potential projects and proposals that would align with the subtasks of the Annex proposal.  Over the next three weeks we will be contacting all those who expressed interest in both the October London workshop and since to further develop proposals.

The aim will be to expand the subtasks activities (with sub-activities) that comprise contributions from individual institutions.  We are expecting that many partners will continue to want to work across the sub-tasks.  We will also be confirming subtasks leads and co-leads.

Our intention is to hold a set of online workshops in mid-May to clarify the proposals made thus far in order that we can give a constructive update to the ExCo in June.

We will also be organizing a face-to-face workshop in September in advance of the next ExCo in November. We will identify possible dates soon with the partners.

Going forward

We are holding a workshop in Mexico City, funded by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) that will be focused on Energy Epidemiology.

We have been granted UCL Santandar Catalyst funding to travel to Chile in order to identify potential interest in the Annex.