The Annex is managed by the Operating Agent assisted by subtask leads and co-leads.

Operating agent

The Operating Agent is responsible for the overall performance and the time schedule of the Annex, for reporting, and for information dissemination activities.

The operating agent is: Prof Ian Hamilton, University College London, UK

Subtask Leads

In response to concerns about climate change, energy security and social equity, countries around the world are either planning

The Subtask leaders shall be participants who bring a high level of expertise to the subtask they manage and who undertake substantial research and development in the field of the subtask. They are elected by the Annex participants. Duties of the subtask leaders are:

  • Co-ordinate the work performed under the subtask;
  • Assist the Operating Agent in preparing the detailed work plans and editing the final reports of the Annex;
  • Direct the technical workshops of the subtask and provide the Operating Agent with the workshop results;
  • Coordinate the technical reports resulting from the Subtask.

The Subtask Leaders are:

  • Subtask A: Dr Ian Hamilton
  • Subtask B: Dr York Ostermeyer
  • Subtask C: Dr Jelle Laverge and Dr Mark Delghust