Global Survey

Survey on energy and buildings stock data uses and needs across the globe

The IEA Energy in Buildings and Community (EBC) programme carries out research and development activities toward near-zero energy and carbon emissions in the built environment.

Annex 70 is an international collaboration of researchers, industry and government from across the globe who are working to develop methods for improving the empirical evidence on energy demand in the building stock.

Annex 70 focuses on identifying, reviewing, evaluating and producing leading edge methods for studying and modelling the building stock including: data collection techniques on energy use, building features and occupant features, and building morphology; analysis of metered energy data, building systems, and user behaviour; and modelling energy demand among sub-national and national building stocks.

Objective of this survey

This survey aims to gather information on the data needs, frequency of use and access of energy and building stock data among different organization types and their views on how data is used to support the low carbon transition of the built environment.

This encompasses both respondents who require energy and buildings data for buildings managed by their own organizations and those accessing data to design buildings, policies and programs to improve the energy performance of buildings managed by others.

The questionnaire consists of five parts.

  • Part I: Respondent information;
  • Part II: Questions related to data characteristics and attributes used or held by your organization;
  • Part III: Questions related to energy and building stock data ‘access & privacy’;
  • Part IV: Questions on smart meter energy data and building performance data;
  • Part V: Additional thoughts or comments.

Estimated time for completion: 15 mins


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For further information, please contact:

Ian Hamilton, University College London