The Annex 70 members have been busy in producing a number of outputs since the inception of the Annex and the following provide those outputs and links.


Peer Reviewed Journal

  • Langevin, J., Reyna, J. L., Ebrahimigharehbaghi, S., Sandberg, N., Fennell, P., Nägeli, C., Laverge, J., Delghust, M., Mata, É., van Hove, M., Webster, J., Federico, F., Jakob, M., & Camarasa, C. (2020). Developing a common approach for classifying building stock energy modelsRenewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews133, 110276.

  • Nägeli, C., Camarasa, C., Delghust, M., Fennell, P., Hamilton, I., Jakob, M., Langevin, J., Laverge, J., Reyna, J.L., Sandberg, N.H., Webster, J. (2022). Best practice reporting guideline for building stock energy models. Energy and Buildings, 111904.
  • Zhuravchak, R., Nord, N., Brattebø, H. (2022). The effect of building attributes on the energy performance at a scale: an inferential analysis. Building Research & Information, 1–19.
  • Zhuravchak, R., Pedrero, R. A., del Granado, P. C., Nord, N., Brattebø, H. (2021). Top-down spatially-explicit probabilistic estimation of building energy performance at a scale. Energy and Buildings, 238.

Peer Reviewed Reports